Zanzibar Serena Inn

Located on the seafront of Zanzibar’s historic Stone Town, Zanzibar Serena Inn has been created by renovating and rehabilitating two romantic and historic buildings.


It provides 52 ocean facing, airconditioned rooms, most with a private balcony.
Each room is cool, white and constructed to the traditional design of a Swahili house, which is dependant upon the length of the mangrove poles that make up its ceilings. Adorned with arched niches, antique plates and brass lamps and featuring raditionally carved furniture, cool-ceramics, intricate fretwork, draped beds and louver doors giving onto wrought-iron balconies overlooking the Persian-bath pool and azure bay beyond, each room reflects a blend of essential Zanzibar and world-class elegance.


The Inn offers a sea-front restaurant and a bar.
Constructed so that the waves lap to within inches of its open windows and the lateen-sailed dhows pass within metres of its tables, the
Baharia Restaurant features lazily whirring fans, a jewel-glass atrium, mangrove-pole ceiling, fretwork screens, Omani carvings, Persian rugs
and bright Swahili artefacts. The Zanzibar cuisine, meanwhile, is a glorious melee of freshly caught seafood, fresh picked spices, luscious fruit and delicately flavoured vegetables. You will enjoy exclusive Seafood Restaurant on our open-air terrace with magnificent views over the Zanzibar channel; We offer a selection of dining and entertaining venues to include: The Baharia Restaurant, the Mdele Coffee Shop, the Masahani Bar and the exclusive Mangapwani Beach Resort.

And a spacious, secluded swimming pool. Sumptuous beauty treatments, massage and hairdressing, A vibrant selection of nightly entertainment, Extensively stocked Boutique, Gift shop and News Stand, Internet connectivity, secretarial services and
a wide range of board games plus a full library of books on Africa.