Saadani, an Incredible park Where The Bush Meets The Ocean

Saadani National Park in Tanzania is an incredible holiday destination where you will be treated to unusual combination of beach, bush and  river attractions. You will be spoilt for choice as you decide on whether to enjoy the delights of watching wildlife such as elephants moving freely in the bush. If you are an ornithologist you will also not be disappointed as you can watch flamingoes, and pelicans in the river estuary,  the    park is also home to more than 400 species of birds. You can also watch dolphins and turtles   just off the coast. Wildlife and nature enthusiasts   will not be disappointed if they include saadani national park in their  Tanzania tour itinerary.

The clear blue skies, flat grasslands, magnificent    and pristine beach combine to provide a rare setting to explore game viewing, bird watching  activities as well as relaxing on the beach. This enchanting park  offers you an opportunity of rediscovering yourself as you idle on the beach as well as reconnecting with nature. Your Tanzania tour and Tanzania beach holiday can be very rewarding with an inclusion of Saadani National Park.

Due to its uniqueness in having different attractions in one location, Saadani national park has been a draw-card, alluring  the more discerning traveler who wants the best of both worlds, the other attraction of this park is less crowds meaning, you do not compete with a lot of other holidaymakers trying to watch the abundant  wildlife in the park or relaxing at the beach. It is the only national park found in coastal region.

You can plan your itinerary in such a manner that you enjoy game viewing and bird watching activities in the morning while you spend rest of the day idling on the beach. Tanzania being home to other iconic attractions such as snow- capped mount Kilimanjaro, Serengeti, Lake Manyara and Tarangire National Parks. A visit to Saadani National Park should just  be  part of a longer  itinerary to enhance your Tanzania stay experience.

Saadani National Park combines the Bush and the Beach, two ecosystem merged as one, Wami river, wild wind swept beaches, boat wildlife safaris, walking safaris, game drives, fly camps, local fishing in lazy dhows, snorkel trips and deserted sand islands for that romantic castaway experience.

Cultural walking safaris and historic tours, follow the route of the Sultans along the Swahili coast.

“The true bush to beach experience… wild wind swept beaches where elephant swim in the ocean, and lion fish roar in the silent night…”

Scheduled flight service –charter flight, drive time 3.5hrs from Dar es Salaam.


White sand wind swept beaches, plains, forested areas, dunes, grass lands, wami ruver system, local fishing villages, mangroves, palms. Elephant, lion, hyena, leopard, wild hunting dog, giraffe, zebra, antelope, crocodile, hippo, water birds, marine life.