Hot Balloon Safaris

Hot Balloon Safaris

A hot balloon safari in Tanzania national parks and game reserves is an extraordinary adventure as you do game viewing in an aerial style. This service is currently conducted in Serengeti National Park northern Tanzania and Selous Game Reserve in southern Tanzania.

The panorama starts from dawn around 6:30 a.m in a selected station. Normally you will be transferred by our safari vehicle from your lodge or campsite to meet your balloon and pilot. For the Selous Game Reserve the meeting point is as Mbuyu camp and it thereafter land at Kinyanguru Hill. While in Serengeti National Park the meeting point is at central Serengeti therefore we strongly advice clients who wishes to do ballooning should start on any of the campsite or lodges around the central Serengeti.

Our hot balloon takes an hour floating on the Africa wild land exploring the wildlife and birdlife let alone the beautiful natural landscape. An experienced pilot will fly the balloon sometimes at the level of the trees, other time to 500 m or more to appreciate the panorama of this huge game viewing that Tanzania has to offer.

Serengeti National Park has spectacular scenery especially during the Wildebeest Great Migration which is normally starts from late June to September and goes around depending on the nature of the climate. If it happens by chance to view them migration while on the balloon this will be a memorable safari adventure in Africa. Sometimes it is possible to witness the predators such as lion, leopard or cheetah hunting prey such as antelopes or zebra.

Selous Game Reserve has a beautiful view of its landscape as you float gently at treetop height or above. The beautiful landscape comprises of lakes and the mighty Rufiji River famous for its crocodiles, hippos and flocks of birds more that 450 species have been recorded. However when floating over the Selous you are assured of viewing numerous number of wildlife since Selous is the largest Game Reserve in Africa with sanctuary of natural resource.

All the safaris in Serengeti National Park and Selous Game Reserves end up with a celebration of opening up champagne after a well landing in African Bush. After the celebration each participant will be awarded a certificate of ballooning in Tanzania Africa. The celebration will therefore follow with the African Bush style continental breakfast before retire to your lodge or campsite for a rest and continue with other daily activities of the safari itinerary.

Additional Information: Normally the balloon takes about eight passengers and children under 7 are not allowed as well as no limitation of the above age as long as you are fit. It is also wise to contact your physician back home if you are having backbone problems before attempting this safari. When landing most of the time you will experience bumping and might bring pains afterward.

Conditions are generally favorable year round in Serengeti and Selous; we fly throughout the year depending on weather.

The “long rains” traditionally arrive late March to early June and the “short rains” November to mid December. The great migration passes through the central Serengeti during the green seasons. At these times it USUALLY rains late afternoon and during the night. The mornings are USUALLY bright and clear with gentle winds (great ballooning weather!). The landscape is lush and green and dust free.

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