Cultural Tours

Cultural tours are developmental projects in villages all over Tanzania. This is your chance to explore the traditional way of living in the rural areas, and at the same time contribute to different developmental projects in each area.

The cultural tours can offer you several adventures, among the options are visits to local medicine men, cheese makers, joining a camel safari, trekking various mountains, visiting tribes and exploring the rituals of the Maasai. Accommodation is simple, but clean, some villages have their own guest houses and can offer you traditional Tanzanian dishes at a very reasonable price. In places with no guesthouses, you will set up camp and overnight on the ground in a tent.
A fixed percentage of the income from these tours will go directly to the villages, helping the local people build cattle dips, schools and other projects needed. Small gifts are appreciated, as well as donations to the various projects. As a visitor, you can see with your own eyes where the money goes, and you are also offered to take a look in the ledger books to see what each shilling has been used for


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